case study

During a 3 days strategy seminar for the executive committee of one of the worlds biggest producers of quality fish feed, the question WHY? was constantly present. Lars Birger, the owner of “Bisserup Fisk” – gave one of the best answers. He is a costumer of our client as well as our supplier of high quality, organic trout.


Before the seminar, Campus Kitchen joined a boat trip to the trout cages. We created wonderful meals within the ocean universe all through our clients stay and invited Lars Birger to tell a dedicated story about his business and sustainable growth of aquaculture.


Before the seminar we had a close dialoque with the company and their consultants to understand the focus of the meeting.
Our client’s response was quite overwhelming and proves that our effort has a long term impact. Their review conclusion was: ”Conference Campus knows exactly what they are capable at and they do it with energy and joy”.